23 Stunning Facts And Trivia About Left-Handed People That a Lot of Us Didn’t Know About

Researchers have managed to found out that the brain also does not function the same way than the right-handed people.

In the end, left-handed individuals are somehow more independent because of the require to cope up with the right-handed world.

Here are the 23 facts and trivia about left-handed people you might not know in your whole life:

1. The beginning of the word “left” came from the Anglo-Saxon era and it’s based on the word “left”, which signifies broken or exhausted.

2. Left-handed people have the proneness to utilize the right area of their brain.

3. At least 5 to 10 percent of the world population is left-handed. This is based to the data that has been gathered by current studies.

4. Left-handed people can be magnificent at some sports like tennis, swimming, boxing, baseball and the like.

5. People who are left-handed can really see clearly underwater even more so than the right-handed individual.

6 Approximately 40 percent of the most well initiated tennis players are left-handed.

7. Left-handed individuals are known to be late bloomers, which signifies they already reached their adolescences 5 months after “righties” do.

8. A research has proven that left-handed college graduates can really make providence that’s at least 26 percent than the right-handed people.

9. Alcohol and “lefties” are tightly connected, though they have about 3 percent higher chances of being addicted to it.

10. In America alone, 4 out of 7 are left-handed.

11. Animals can become left-handed and also left-pawed to be expect.

12. Several of the longest words that you can write using your left hand are dresses, sweater, and tesserae decades.

13. Left-handed people experience from emotions in a various way than the right-handed individuals due to their potential to process information quicker.

14. Moreover, math runs in most of the left-handed individual’s genes, and the same is real for architecture and spatial consciousness.

15. August 13th is the International Left handers Day.

16. Left-handedness was linked to rebellion in the past, and also neurosis, homosexuality, the devil, and criminality.

17. Insomnia is more often for left-handed individuals.

18. Statistics have proven that women who give birth in their 40s have about 128 percent higher possibility of giving birth to a left-handed child.

19. Several of the most savage killers in human history were left-handed.

20. If left-handed individual injures their presiding hand, they can really learn to use the other faster than of the same occurs to a right-handed people, based to medical experts.

21. Left-handy are more vulnerable to asthma and allergies than right-handed persons.

22. Left-handedness surely runs in the relatives. For example, Prince William, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Mother, and Prince Charles were left-handed.

23. Out of 4, one of the Apollo astronauts was left-handed.
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