5 Major Signs Of Chronic Vitamin Deficiency In Women That Show Up In Your Body

It may sound bad news because some are not mindful of what nutrients needed for their body.

The feeling of over fatigue without doing heavy activities and having some variety of diseases are the result of having vitamin deficiency.

Some are also having their diet because the only reason they want to lose weight but in return they won’t get the proper nutrition and, or vitamins dosage daily.

Sadly, there are people who are not aware of how critical ignoring the signs could be.

So in this article, we are going to present and share of how you can you tell if you’re lacking some essential nutrients. And keep in mind, the only solution is to pay attention to your body.

Listed Below Are 5 Signs Of Chronic Vitamin Deficiency In Women

1. Weakening mouth health

There are several illnesses that will fall into this category such as Ulcers (commonly cause by iron deficiencies and lack of vitamin B), Cracking, bleeding, or splitting (medical term as as angular cheilitis cause of lacking vitamin B2 or riboflavin) and Gum Bleeding (can be trigger if lacking of Vitamin C).

2. Agitated leg syndrome

It is more commonly known as RLS or restless leg syndrome (Willis-Ekbom disease), is a condition of the nerves.

Fundamentally, it is considered by discomfort that occurs in the legs, which leads to a desire to move them around. Commonly, this is a behavior that is compulsive and can’t be resisted.

To get rid of it, consuming additional vitamin C may be helpful as it can help the body more easily absorb iron to aid chronic vitamin deficiency. If you’re eating enough iron but skimping on vitamin C, the positive effects of iron will not reach its full potential.

3. Eye health deterioration

Experiencing vision problem is one of the worst health issue, do you agree? It could be a sign of vitamin deficiency, if you’ve noticed your eye health deteriorating

Obviously, having vision problem is causing lack of vitamin A. Apparently, one of the most common vision problems that comes from too little of this nutrient is something called night blindness. As the name suggests, this means you may have trouble seeing properly in low light conditions.

4. Bad nail and hair health

The appearance of nails and hair can be linked also to your health. Typically, symptoms that affect one of these body parts will often affect the other as well.

There are lots of potential causes behind declining health of hair and nails, but a B7 vitamin deficiency, or else known as a biotin deficiency, is a equally common one.

The vitamin responsible for food conversion is Biotin, changing it into energy for the body. If you have a chronic vitamin deficiency in biotin, you may notice brittle nails and brittle hair. These two parts of the body may split, thin, or break easily

5. Skin bumps and problems

It is important to pay attention for small bumps on the skin which can be one less common sign of chronic vitamin deficiency.

If you have condition like small red or white bumps that look like gooseflesh to show up on the backside, arms, thighs, and cheeks. Sometimes, these bumps come with ingrown hairs. This is identified as keratosis pilaris.

Though there is no certain point why this bumps are overly progress, but commonly, it’s anticipated that it’s a result of an excess of keratin made from follicles. However there are genetic causes behind this, chronic vitamin deficiencies in vitamins A and C are thought to cause keratosis pilaris.

As we should know, essential nutrients come along with proper vitamin dosage daily are very important Nowadays, severe vitamin deficiencies may be rare, but certainly lacking of daily vitamin requirements can have adverse effects on the body.

It can distress your physical fitness, immune system, and various body parts. Moreover, it can even affect your mental health, resulting in decreased positive thinking and loss of productivity.

Taking a balanced amount of each vitamin – not too little or too much – will work wonders for your body is the only solution to avoid these negative symptoms. Check out for the signs of chronic vitamin deficiency in an effort to keep yourself healthy.

Don’t forget to consult a doctor, if you notice highly severe symptoms. Also make sure, never to take vitamin supplements without a doctor’s prescription.
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