5 Proven Ways In Reducing Weight Without Exercise

The other key to losing weight, that DOESN’T REQUIRE EXERCISE, is to TURN ON YOUR WEIGHT LOSS HORMONES.

The process of losing weight is different depending on the person.

The correct nutrition can activate fat burning hormones, which can metabolize stored fat and help to eliminate it from the body.

Any weight loss program requires effort, but then there comes a moment when you reach a plateau and your body simply can’t burn any more fat.

Your metabolism gets revved by activating these hormones which regulate your body’s ability to lose weight.

This is how to activate your hormones to melt fat, acting as fat burners.

1. Eat more slowly and mindfully

It takes about 20 minutes for LEPTIN, the body’s satiety hormone which signals that you are full, to kick in. If you eat too quickly you don’t get the signal from this hormone, that you have eaten enough. EATING HIGH QUALITY SOURCES OF PROTEIN is not only nourishing, but also allows you to feel full longer, by ACTIVATING LEPTIN. It also reduce your food cravings.Some foods are just more filling and satisfying than others.

2. Include high quantitles of special fats in your diet

Fats known as MEDIUM CHAIN TRIGLYCERIDES, such as that found in COCONUT OIL, increases your sense of fullness, is not stored as fat as it is burned rapidly, and increases energy levels.

3. Don't even think about skipping breakfast

Your body is in a state of fasting while you sleep, and it burns few calories as you process the day’s information as dreams and memories. To break your body out of the resting phase, jump-start your metabolism with some plant-based protein, vegetarian sources of fat and carbohydrates. And skipping breakfast will make you hungry and crave more food.

4. Get sunlight which is your best source of vitamin D

High Vitamin D levels help to boost your metabolism, and keep it at a speedy level. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble, hormone-like vitamin. Your best source for this vitamin is surely the sun.

5. Get better sleep

The level of your leptin also depends on how many hours of sleep you get. The lesser the sleep you get the lesser your leptin is produce by your body. Your body reasons that if you are tired, you must need more energy in the form of food and the weight loss hormone leptin is not high enough to tell your brain that you aren’t really that hungry.
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