7 Surprising Signs You Might Be Smarter Than People Around

What is your perception about genius? Is it an inventor? A scientist? Or might be another term for intelligent?

It is clear that what you understand about this term and how you elaborate your opinion, you are always correct because all the people are uniquely genius or intelligent.

Here are the sign might help you to analyze the term genius:

1. You always like to stay up late

You might have high intelligence if always staying up late at night. According to some studies, it shows completely that children who were more intelligent grew up to be more nocturnal than their less intelligent counterparts.

Too many reasons to consider why this is the case, just like in one argument being that the recent technological advances make our brains reach for technology to search for awake at night, disregarding the impulse to rise and fall with the sun like our ancestors.

2. You’re being sarcastic

Did you know that sarcastic people have a certain wit that implies intelligence? People who use sarcastic humour are more likely to be intelligent as it requires more thought, allows the mind to expand and promotes conceptualization in which studies found a link between sarcasm and creativity.

3. You overthink and worry a lot

Yes! You read it right. People who are over thinkers and worriers are actually some of the most intelligent. It links to a high creativity IQ, in which overthinking and worrying about potential situations shows imagination. If you’re worrying about something, don’t be stress of it instead use your creativity.

4. You may have social anxiety

Social anxiety is a term that comprehends many different traits, attributes and behaviours. However, it can actually mean you have a high IQ. If you think about it, people who have anxiety are constantly analyzing their surroundings, reflecting on what is happening, formulating ideas and processing information – all of this requires a lot of intelligence and studies support the idea that socially anxious people are generally more intelligent.

5. You’re talking to yourself

Well, it is not about being crazy. Maybe many of us believe in other meaning, but if you talking to yourself can imply you might be a genius or at least, you’re an intelligent human being. Some studies found, that talking to yourself can alleviate stress, provides a cognitive boost and allows you to focus more clearly on the task at hand.

6. You like cats over dogs

We always thought that “dogs are man’s best friend”. But some studies have found that people who choose cats are more intelligent. Cat lovers were found to be more introverted, open-minded and more likely to be non-conformists. In addition, studies have found that the animal you choose to favour is mainly dependent upon your personality type.

7. You’re scatterbrained

Did you know that the ability to combine task such as various projects and work to your own timescales can actually be a strong indicator of high levels of intelligence? Well, there is no secret that people who have a scatterbrain live a hectic life. Furthermore, keeping always thinking about multiple things at once and not being able to focus on a particular task means you’re eventually expanding your horizons and wanting to achieve more. The unique way your brain works can be used to your advantage and you can use it to unleash your creative genius with multiple task.

Now you know what the uncommon signs of being genius are. Indeed, intelligence and genius can be defined in so many different ways and there are also many ways in which it can be communicated and to be understood.
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