9 Major Signs of Stress: Effect To Your Health That You Should Not Take For Granted

Have you ever imagined life without stress? If stress come along how you deal with it?

Stress is something that affects many people each and every day. Life is full of hassles, deadlines, frustrations, and demands. For some people stress is so common it is a way of life.

Stress can be very harmful and or helpful. It could help motivate you to meet a deadline and perform a task under pressure. Stress can also be very harmful, such as memory problems, moodiness, aches and pains, and eating more or less.

Where the word “stress” came from?

Stress is challenging to define exactly. The theory of stress was first introduced in the life sciences by Selye Hans in 1936.

It was derived from the Latin word ‘stringere’; it meant the experience of physical hardship, starvation, torture and pain. Selye Hans, 1936 defined stress as “the non-specific response of the body to any demand placed upon it”.

Further, stress was defined as “any external event or internal drive which threatens to upset the organismic equilibrium”.

Another definition given by Stephen stress has been stated as “a dynamic condition in which an individual is confronted with an opportunity, constraint or demand related to what he/she desires and for which the outcome is perceived to be both uncertain and important.”

According to Robbins and Sanghi “A dynamic condition in which an individual is confronted with an opportunity, constraints, or demand related to what he or she desires and for which the outcome is perceived to be both uncertain and important.”

Stress affects not only our physical health but our mental wellbeing, too.

To explain deeply, in this article will show details about symptoms that being ignored when it comes in experiencing overstressed. Here are listed below:

1. Struggling for Hair loss

Is it hair fall or hair loss normal? You should watch out if how often your hair is falling that can lead to totally hair loss. Did you know that stress is the main reason for increased hair loss and a lot of hair is in resting phase? This is because stress can cause an alteration in the normal body’s physiologic functions. According to a medical director and founder of Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology, named Carolyn Jacob, which the approximately 100 hairs are lost every day and we are not even aware of this.

She also added, after three or four months, the amount of lost hair gets bigger because the hair in the resting phase falls down. This is a very negative result. The changes in the hair are mainly due to the overstressed body.

2. Confuse about Weight distinctions

Are you experiencing loss of appetite or craving a lot of food? Check your stress stages in your body because it can be the reason why you have some weight variations. As a matter of fact, stress can lead to losing weight due to loss of interest in eating foods, and it can be also accountable for gaining weight due to metabolism imbalances.

3. Persistently feeling anxious and out of focus

Frequently feeling uncomfortable, anxious, restless and out of focus to some certain task can indicate as a symptom that you are suffering from overstressed. You need to seek some actions in order to solve this condition and how to deal with it, or if not, it will get worsen and severe.

4. Having Declining libido

For some reason, sex is one way how to reduce stress. Also it can be vice versa, stress can also be the reason for weakened libido. It can lower the number of hormones for sexual activity. In result, some cases that stress can lead to impotence and exhaustion. To deal with this case, you should always communicate to your partner what are the stresses you are dealing with. In this way, you both have open conversation and your sex life will not set aside.

5. Suffering from sleeping issues

Sleeping is important as eating to keep us alive. Overstress can effects the sleeping disorder, sometimes you cannot sleep or your sleeping too much. You don’t have specific time of sleeping but normally a human has a body clock. So if you experience difficulties your sleeping time because of stress, you should find ways how to relax and meditate. You need to avoid whatever makes you stress and you can do yoga to have a better sleep.

6. Changing of mood affects

Mood swings can be linked to overstress which trigger hormonal imbalances. When it is happen, it can lead to complications such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, mental health issues, addiction or anxiety. It is worth to consult with who are knowledgeable regarding this case to prevent such severe cases mentioned above.

7. Associated with Body Ache

Apparently, when something wrong about your body, you will start to feel pain and discomfort. One of the main causes of this case is stress which associated with headaches, palpitations, muscle and joints aches, chest pain and stomach issues.

Managing your stress will help to feel relief from any pain in your body.

8. Being irritable and impatience

If you are tense, rushing some paper works or deadlines or emotional broken then stress will increase its level. In result, everything or everyone will come in your way, you may respond in horrible way. Once again, you should know how to manage your stress level so it will not affect to others.

9. Overthink about work and responsibilities

Work and careers are essential for everyone because this is the main source of income so you can provide all your necessary needs. But keep in mind, if you are always stress about thinking your work you will experience all the symptoms which mentioned above and if worse you will get sick. Then, how you will work if you are sick? Only the solution is, think your work when you are at work itself. Just enjoy life and make enough time what make you happy especially with your family.

Life is too short. If you will just spend your life with stress, then life will be wasted. The adjustments and managing stress will start from you. So learn how to be happy in every little thing, appreciate and learn how to be calm in anyways. Don’t complicate things that you cannot control, let it be and just live life to the fullest.
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