Benefits and Uses: Top 7 Healthy Reasons to Consume Guavas on Your Daily Basis

Guava is frequently found in Asian countries but due to its many health benefits, people in the whole world are looking for this magnificent fruit.

This seasonal fruit can be maroon, light green, or yellow in color when it becomes ready to eat. Its flesh is either maroon or white and has a lot of tiny seeds in it and can be consume raw or in the form of jams or jellies.

Here are some of the health benefits of guava:

1. Diabetes

Those with diabetes will benefit from consuming guava as this fruit can help control the levels of blood sugar so that there won’t be any unexpected spikes or drops in glucose and insulin.

Research also proves that consuming guava can decrease one’s risk of getting Type-2 diabetes.

2. Heart Health

Another benefit of consuming guava is that it can help decrease blood pressure and also lipids when you eat the fruit daily. This is because guava has vitamin C, and also soluble fiber.

The vitamin C is effective in staying the tiny blood vessels in good health while potassium can help control your blood pressure and also keep your heartbeat.

Add to this the actuality that the pink-fleshed guava has lycopene, which is required by the heart for protection through different cardiovascular illnesses, and you know your heart will regularly be protected by this fruit.

3. Sight Vision

Guava has a lot of vitamin A which is fine for one’s eyesight. Consuming this fruit can help delay the onslaught of eye conditions such as macular degeneration, cataracts and other eye problems. What’s more, guavas are really good for enhancing one’s eyesight even when there is already injure to it.

4. Cancer

Here is another benefit that is related with guava. Studies have proven that the presence of C vitamin, lycopene, and quercetin are effective against stopping cancer cells from developing.

5. Thyroid

Guava has high quantity of copper which helps in controlling the metabolism of thyroid which in turn manage the absorption and production of hormones.

6. Brain

If you are finding for food that will be better for your mental health, you should absolutely include guava in your list as it has vitamin 3 and B6. The vitamin B3 can help in cognitive function and also providing your blood circulation to enhance. B6, on the other hand, is a vital nutrient for nerve and brain function. Consuming guava on your daily basis can surely help sharpen your mental capacity in the long run.

7. Constipation

Like it was said above, guava has a lot of fiber which can enhance one’s digestive system. This fruit can help cure constipation and other diseases related with these digestive conditions.
Benefits and Uses: Top 7 Healthy Reasons to Consume Guavas on Your Daily Basis Benefits and Uses: Top 7 Healthy Reasons to Consume Guavas on Your Daily Basis Reviewed by Admiin Artikulo on May 15, 2019 Rating: 5
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