Good News: Philhealth New Born Care Package (NCP Benefit) And How To Avail Them

Effective January 5, 2019, avail the Philhealth NCP Benefit and know if you are qualified! This good news is for all the pregnant women or for those who have their delivery (due) date is closer.

As per qualified Philhealth members may avail of the NEW BORN CARE PACKAGE (NCP) worth P2,950. The new Package Code for this benefit is 99460.

Taking care of the health of the newly born child is a part of the program of Philhealth.

Know More About Newborn Care Package

A PhilHealth benefit package for indispensable health services of the newborn during the first few days of life. It covers essential newborn care, newborn screening and hearing screening tests.

The following are included in the NCP package:

A. Supplies for Essential Newborn Care (ENC) such as Vitamin K, eye ointment, vaccines for Hepatitis B and BCG

The services for Essential Newborn Care shall include:

1. Immediate drying of the baby;
2. Early skin to skin contact;
3. Timely cord clamping;
4. Non-separation of mother/baby for early breastfeeding initiation;
5. Giving of eye prophylaxis;
6. Vitamin K administration;
7. Weighing of the baby;
8. First dose of hepatitis B Vaccine; and
9. First dose of BCG Vaccine.

B. Professional Fee (Doctor’s Fee)
C. Expanded Newborn Screening Test (ENBS)

The following are the list of disorders included in the Expanded Newborn Screening Test.

Endocrine Disorder
Amino Acid Disorder
Fatty Acid Disorder
Organic Acid
Urea Cycle Defect
Cystic Fibrosis
Biotinidase Deficiency

*The ENBS test is very important para kung sakali, wag naman sana, na may makitang dipresenya sa sanggol, eto ay maagapan agad.

D. Newborn Hearing Screening Test (NHST)

HOW TO AVAIL Philhealth NCP Benefit?

1. The mother or father of the child must be an active member of Philhealth or the parents must meet the required number of premium contributions to avail the NCP.
*The child is a dependent of an active Philhealth member.

2. The 45 days of regular benefit limit has not been used up.
Hindi pa ubos ang 45 days regular benefit limit.

3. The newborn child must be admitted in a Philhealth accredited facility for at least 24 hours after birth.

4. The newborn child must be attended by a Philhealth accredited doctor.

Summary of Documents Required as Attachment to Newborn Care Package Claims

1. Claims Signature Form (CSF) with attached Filter Card Sticker
2. Properly and correctly accomplished Philhealth Membership Registration Form (PMRF)
3. Claim Form 2 — If applicable
4. Statement of Account
5. Result of Newborn Hearing Screening Test — If applicable
6. Newborn Hearing Screening Registry Card (Blue Form) — If applicable, starting June 1, 2019

IMPORTANT NOTE: You should provide all the necessary documents and other claims from NCP before discharging of new born. Do not lose the filter card sticker from the newborn screening kit since this need to be attached to the claim.

All services of essential newborn care and expanded newborn screening shall be provided prior to discharge. Claims with incomplete ENC and ENBS services shall be denied.

To submit the claims to Philhealth via electronic means, the health care institution only are responsible to do that. But before anything else, you should first confirmed if the parents of the new born are qualified or not.

If it is confirmed, then the parent can proceeds to fill up the PhilHealth Membership Registration Form (PMRF) to update the record. This is to assure that the new born baby will be included or will be ‘dependent’ to his/her parents.

This kind of program of the government with Expanded Maternity Leave is really useful for all mother and child. Let your child have a good start to a healthy life and enjoy the benefits! Avail the improved NCP benefit.

Hope you find this article helpful, you can also share to other so they can be aware too!

Source: Isensey
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