Here are 5 ways to request for the SSS Payment Reference Number

Starting January 16, 2018, getting PRN before paying contribution in SSS became mandatory as a rule.

When making contribution payment to the Social Security System (SSS), it is now requires members to use Payment Reference Number or PRN. Check out the 5 ways on how you can request and get your SSS PRN.

One of the main purposes of PRN is to allow the member to get immediate confirmation and posting of premium contributions after payment.

How to Request and Get SSS PRN?

In order to pay contribution in SSS, you need to have a PRN.

Normally, SSS will send the PRN number to your registered email address and mobile number when it is time to make contribution payment.

But what if you got your PRN but accidentally deleted the info in your email or cellphone. How can you get your PRN again?

Here are 5 ways to request for the Payment Reference Number which are follows below:

1. First, login to your My. SSS account in the SSS website. Make assured to register in SSS online portal for members to access the platform.

2. Send an email to the customer service at or using the email address that is already registered in your records with SSS.

3. Another option, call the SSS Call Center (02) 920 6446 and (02) 917-7777. The customer service officer will ask you some information to verify your identity like your SSS number or your employment history, etc. As soon as your identity is recognized, you will be given your PRN.

4. Try to visit an SSS branch, and then go to the SSS Tellering Counters to ask for your Payment Reference Number (PRN). You may also inquire for PRN in accredited Payment Channels (bank and non-bank).

5. In addition, go to an SSS branch and go straight to the E Center to get your PRN. There is a machine there that you can use to get your PRN.

Step by Step Procedure in Paying SSS Contribution

Follow this step by step procedure in paying your premium contributions in the Social Security System.

Step 1: Secure your PRN using any of the 5 methods discussed earlier.

*Members cannot pay contribution without PRN beginning this 2018.

Step 2. Present the PRN when paying your SSS contributions.

Step 3: View y SSS contribution INSTANTLY after payment.

*This is a good thing so that you can be 100% sure that your contribution payment was accepted and posted by SSS right away.

This new SSS PRN system is put in place to Enhanced Contributions Collection. Because of the electronic Collection System (e-CS), SSS members can right away verify that their contribution has been posted to their account instantly, right after paying! Plus, this new system allows for faster and more accurate processing of member’s benefit claims and loan proceeds.


SSS members are now being requires to REGISTER at My.SSS at the official SSS website Make sure to remember your username and password, as well as the email and mobile number that you registered online.

So, before your contribution due date arrives, you will get an email notification in your registered email reminding you about the upcoming due. You will also get a txt message in your registered phone about the upcoming due date of contribution and your SSS PRN number.

Make sure to update your details in My.SSS online access if you want to get the latest information from SSS. Registering with SSS online is very useful because you can view your Statement of Account (SOA), you may also change your payment period or contribution amount, and of course, get a PRN.

Reminder: It is recommends that you use Internet Explorer to access the SSS website.

Once again, in paying of SSS contribution requires PRN number. This is real even wherever you want to pay:

SSS branches Tellering facilities
Bank collection facilities
Non-Bank collection facilities

Indeed, you will need a PRN to pay SSS contribution. If you’re not yet register, we highly recommend that you should process online registration at My.SSS as soon as possible.

Note: For any inquiries or questions, you may call SSS Call Center at (02) 960 6446 or (02) 917 7777.

Hope this article about SSS PRN procedure and how to get details you find it helpful, you can also share to others to help them out too.

Source: ISensey
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