New Members Of PhilHealth Application: Step by Step Online Registration-Account Of Philhealth For Members

Secure your health care plus benefits and be a member of Philhealth. You just need to register your account online, it is hassle free and very convenient access to your records in this government agency.

In this article, you will learn about the step by step procedures of an actual and video Philhealth online registration by an existing member.

It has simple and easy instructions, all you need to do is to provide the following informations:

Philhealth Identification Number

Last Name
First Name
Mobile Number
Email Address

Also, you are going to choose three challenge questions, and provide answers for them. To make your account more secure these challenge questions are additional features.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure do not disclose your pin, password, security question and answers.

You can now start registering for a Philhealth online account, once you have all the details.

Presented below are the easy steps:

Step One - Go to the official website of Philhealth to create an account.
Step Two - Scroll to the middle of the page and find the section “Members Inquiry”, then click register.

The registration page of Philhealth will load. Fill up all the required information in the form, once completed click “Submit Registration”.

A message will appear that you have successfully registered an account in Philhealth online. The next step is to access your email, and find the message coming from Philhealth so you can activate your account enrollment. This is the sample message that will be sent to you:

Step Three - Open the message of Philhealth and then click the verification link. This is the link highlighted in blue. See sample:

After clicking the link, a notification will display that informs you that you have verified your account and you can now start to login.

Step Four - Go back to the website of Philhealth, access the member’s inquiry section. Enter the pin and and password which you can get from the registration email. Click submit. A new page load wherein you will be asked to answer one challenge question, input the correct answer and click submit.

Step Five - The member’s dashboard will load. You can now explore its features. See and access your member’s profile – check if there is an error or if needs updating. You can download and print a copy of your MDR. You can check the list of premium contributions you have made since becoming a Philhealth member – you will see also see your employer’s contribution if you’ve worked as an employee before.

It is really easy to create an account in Philhealth for existing members. If you want to see an actual demo of a member trying to register in Philhealth, watch this video.

As you notice in this demo video, that the contribution made is until 2018. This is because the member opted to pay Philhealth annually as a self-employed voluntary member.

For self-employed voluntary members of Philhealth or those in the Informal Sector, the monthly contribution for those earning less than 25,000 per month is 200 pesos. The one-year total contribution is 2400. Voluntary members can pay Philhealth premium contribution in advance.

If you are an OFW, you can also pay your Philhealth premium contributions ahead of time.

Get a Copy of MDR

Use your online account to get a copy of your Members Data Record (MDR) by clicking “mdr printing” in the dashboard. In case of hospitalization and confinement, the medical center may ask for your Philhealth MDR to validate and confirm that you are an active member of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation.

Your registered dependents are also listed in the MDR. In case you need to add more dependents, please visit a Philhealth branch and submit the necessary requirements like NSO birth certificate of your new dependent.

If in case you have other more concerns or to follow up on your claims, please contact Philhealth hotline number is (02) 441-7442. The main branch address of Philippine Health Insurance Corporation is Citystate Centre, 709 Shaw Boulevard 1603, Pasig City.

It is really hassle free! Access your Philhealth account by registering online now!

Hope you find this article helpful and you can also share this to others in order to create an account and enroll in Philhealth online.
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