Numerous Surprising Health Benefits Of Eating Chicken Feet And Here's What You Should Know

Which part of the chicken you like most? Fried chicken is all-time favorite meal from expensive restaurants, fast food chains and even in every street food.

Actually there will be no waste part of a chicken; most of it can be cook in every menu you want.

In the Philippines most of the people are eating the chicken feet that can be serve in whatever occasions like birthdays and festival.

Also they are being part of food business like street foods or small food carts. Chicken feet are different from all street foods and that’s what we are going to share to you.

Why Chicken Feet are tremendously good for your health?

Chicken feet are also well known as “addidas” with much delicious and good for our health. Chicken feet are formed of skin, tendons and bones with numerous of protein, calcium, collagen which are easily absorbed through our body.

Highlights of health benefits of chicken feet:

Chicken feet are not only a good source of collagen. It has also tremendous benefits in our health such as:

Boost Immune System which prevents dangerous diseases.
Good for diet from consuming it.
Increase Joint’s Strength and Prevent Fragile Bone
Lower Blood Pressure
Reduce Stress
Overcome Digestive Problem
For baby food and growth
Increase children brain intelligence

Here are some studies that claiming that chicken feet has health benefit for you:

A study from Faculty of Veterinary Science Chung-Hsing University in Taiwan reveals that the quantity of collagen found in chicken feet are the same quantity that could be found in green leafy veggies and fruits making both better for your health.

Besides chicken feet are rich in collagen, which contributes to young-looking skin.

Another claims from National Library of Medicine, collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, accounting for nearly a quarter of the total protein mass. It provides strength to bones, ligaments, tendons, and scaffolding for skin wounds to heal.

Remarkably, a veterinarian named Harry Robertson also studied the potential of chicken feet to regenerate neurons, bones, muscles, and tissues. The result of this research was a wound-healing product called Revital, which was eventually recalled from the market by the FDA over bacterial contamination.

Note: It is amazing to know the chicken feet give us many health benefits from consuming it. However, keep in mind you need to eat it in moderate consumptions. Here are some risk avoidance that we should know before consuming it which includes:

The Cholesterol in Chicken
The Hygiene of Chicken
Injection to Chicken

Hope you find this article helpful, you can also share this to others. Choose wellness and be healthy always!
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