The Big One Might Now Hit Anytime: Are We Really Prepared?

Over these past years, there are numerous amount of natural disasters has been seen happening all around the world.

Annually, many countries undergo the experience of natural disasters including: floods, droughts, typhoons, earthquakes, forest fires and volcanic explosions.

Even with today 's advanced science and technology, people cannot control them. Many believed all of these are so called “The Big One”-our Earth has suffered a great deal from reoccurring natural disasters that have repeatedly put a strain on people’s lives.

A natural disaster is a sudden event, an accident or a natural havoc, that causes great extents of damage or multiple deaths.

Tragedies of towns getting torn apart were reported as well as the occurrence of many deaths, disabilities and shelter damage. People have been losing relatives, friends, shelter and property.

If you will be in this kind of scenario, what you will do? Are you knowledgeable enough of what are the safety measures you need to do?

Or you will just see yourself crying because of fear and seeing tragic pictures in everywhere?

As the location of the Philippines in which it is closely at the Pacific Ring of Fire, has encountered a numerous number of earthquakes and tsunamis over the years. Unfortunately, our country is home to various active faults and several trenches. Are we really prepared when “The Big One” attacks?

As recorded by DOST – PHIVOLCS each day, at the current time, there are crudely 20 earthquakes. Leading hazards of earthquake include ground shaking, ground rupture, liquefaction, or when the earth behaves such as in liquid form, earthquake-induced landslide, tsunami, and fire.

Tsunami is a series of sea waves that usually originate from under-the-sea earthquakes. It can also be generated from underwater landslides, volcanic eruptions, and large meteorite impacts in the ocean. Not all are aware with this fact, but our country is frequently visited by tsunamis.

One of the most destructive disasters that have been written in the history of the country was when a magnitude 8.0 shook Mindanao a little past midnight of 17 August in the year 1976.

After that, it was followed by a massive 4 to 5 meters high tsunami covering 700 kilometers of coastline bordering the island. Due to this, people were caught off guard by the immense waves. Eight thousand people died, 10,000 were injured, and 90,000 more were left homeless by this major destruction.

These looming threats are naturally unavoidable but we can come prepared when they strike without warning.


Be Alert: Remember to do the "DUCK, COVER, and HOLD"; stay away from objects which might fall; If a strong earthquake strikes and you happen to be inside a home or a building, leave the area after the quake and head straight to the nearest evacuation area.

Move Fast: Stay away from trees, buildings, and electrical posts and head onto an open area if you're outside. Also ensure that the injured, elderly, children, expectant mothers, and persons with disability will be prioritized.

Be Aware: Before an impending tsunami hits a particular region, make sure that you are aware of the evacuation plan in your community, participate in drills, and designate a meeting point of the family or neighborhood. More importantly, natural warning signs of an approaching local tsunami must be observed such as a felt earthquake, an unusual sea level change or a sudden seawater drop or rise, and a rumbling sound of approaching waves. These signs should prompt the people to go to a more elevated area urgently.

Note: Once right after the disaster happens, leave the evacuation area only if you're told to do so, check if someone is missing, and bring the injured to the nearest medical facility.

Even though these disasters cannot be stopped from occurring, recognizing their danger and their effects is essential. Being aware of the things you must need to do is very important. These kinds of tragedies are uncontrollable yet we need to be prepared at all times. Spread awareness and help each other.

Source: PIA GOV
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