The Negative Effects To Students Of Carrying a Heavy Backpack

Textbooks are the best resources needed to support the studies of students. Books are the number 1 source of information next to the teachers.

But there are cases where the books got thicker, and very difficult to carry for some children.

That is why it’s better if every student has his own locker in school where he can keep his belongings like his books.

Every day, students are having difficulty carrying their books to school. Even if that is the case many teachers require their students to bring their books every day, for full learning.

And because nowadays education is more likely dependent on books, it will also be difficult for a student to catch up on class without bringing them.

Carrying many books using back pack and other school supplies is too much for a student as it put too much strain on the back.

There are many bad effect when our backs are put on much stress and that includes distorting the natural curve of our middle and lower backs which, not only causes back pain, strains the spinal column. The shoulders is also prone to pain and even the muscles in these parts of the body are being overworked.

Based on one research, 64% of the respondents said that they do had back pain for a little while because of the weight they carry on their backs.

Respondents based on two of every five children attending school and it is alarming that 21% of these kids experienced such pain for at least six (6) months, that’s more than half of the school year.

Things You Could Do to Minimize Risk of Back Injury: 

Buy a schoolbag with padded shoulders
Organize your child’s bag every day
Put the heaviest one closest to the back, and only put what’s needed for the day.
Remind your child to carry his back with both shoulders and not just on one
Buy him a rolling backpack or the one with small wheels so they can just pull their bag.
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