Your Birthstone Defines About Your Health, Personality And Luck

Did you know that for thousands of years gemstones have been connected with magic and mystery? And can tell about what kind of personality you have.

Birthstones of your Birthmonth

1. January (Garnet)

They are worn by many explorers to protect themselves from danger : personality - you are an ambitious and compassionate leader.

2. February (Amethyst)

Wear this stone to be protected from darkness and seduction: Personality - spiritually, quiet side, but that doesn’t mean you are shy.

3. March (Aquamarine)

This is a talisman to protect sailors from a storm : Personality - the peacemaker between people, has unwavering integrity and your strong passion for justice.

4. April (Diamond)

Are precious and the hardest substances on Earth symbols eternal love, happiness, and forgiveness. : Personality - hard-headed and invisible to any adversary.

5. May (Emerald)

This symbol for improved eyesight : Personality - have a clear focus on your goals and motivation to achieve them.

6. June (Pearl)
Pearls made of organic matter : Personality - tune with nature and sensitive to the emotions of others.

7. July (Ruby)

Means courage and achievement : Personality – has flair for drama but can act moody since you feel emotions more deeply than other people. You are fearless, unafraid of confrontation.

8. August (Peridot)

This stone is bright and often associated with the sun used this stone to ward off evil and depression.: Personality - sparkling with confidence,you are the one to cheer everyone up.

9. September (Sapphire)

Sapphire is beauty :Personality – giver, use your wisdom and calmness to lead dislike anything fake.

10 .October (Opal)

Colorful like a rainbow :Personality - you are vivacious, creative and spontaneous.

11. November (Topaz)

Your self is your own good luck charm: Personality - full of joy, patience, thoughtfulness, and hope

12. December (Turquoise)

Turquoise are seen few places on Earth just like the stone you are one of a kind : Personality - protective over those you care about, you enjoy being the center of attention and praise.
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