12 Early Major Symptoms Of Having Problems In Your Liver

In most cases, people tend to ignore some unusual feeling regarding their health. Often, they thought that is only normal which it could be actually alarming. Keeping your body healthy is the best way to low your risk in any health problem.

In this article, it will tackle mainly highlight is our liver.

Liver plays important role, wherein the center function is the metabolic process and immune system in our body.

It also includes bile product and excretion also enzymes activation. Storage of glycogen, vitamins, and minerals.

Blood detoxification and purification and synthesis of plasma proteins, such as albumin, and clotting factors. Overall it cleans the blood from all the toxins that form in the body.

Now, presented below some common symptoms of liver deteriorates:

1. You may have Abdomen Paining

Usually it will start of paining in the right upper part of lower rib cage wherein the liver located. Often, it has an indefinite pain though it can sometimes be quite severe and may cause a backache. The time your abdomen has uncontrollable pain, it is advisable to seek doctor immediately. In that way, prevention to severe cases will apply.

2. You may experience diarrhea, constipation or worst Intestinal bleeding

As the liver has a main role in the digestion process of the body specifically in the clotting production. Suffering from intestinal bleeding will manifest into connecting with diarrhea and constipation as far as the liver damage concern. This maybe indicates of unusual happening in your digestive system. It is also alarming if your stool having blood in which your colon may rapture or even worse that may lead to cancer.

3. You may have Skin Problems

Rashes, bumps and itching may notice in the first sign of liver malfunction. In association with the liver, hepatitis C a form of viral hepatitis transmitted in infected blood, causing chronic liver disease. Unfortunately, for those having skin allergy it will not be notice this kind of symptom. So if the liver damage, it will affect your skin due to spreading the toxins.

4. You may feel your abdomen is changing

Liver malfunction comes from abdomen, this means paining, bloating and cramping you may feel. It indicates that you may have ascites. This condition may occur to abnormal accumulation of fluid in the abdominal also known as peritoneal cavity. Aside from this condition, a lot of changes you may feel in your abdomen.

5. You may get fluid retention or edema

It occurs when there is excess water in your body. Therefore, it may cause of puffiness and swelling specifically in ankles and feet that may indicates to liver damage. Similarly, this condition same with ascites, but the difference will refers to lower part affected. Fluid retention may also indicate of having kidney disease.

6. Jaundice may occur

Jaundice it is a condition refers to yellow discoloration of skin, having whites of the eye and body fluid due to excessive of bilirubin in the system of the body. Bilirubin is yellow pigment that made during the normal breakdown of old red blood cells. Having this condition may vary in more than liver damage. In some cases, it can be severe depending on the level of bilirubin.

7. Your stool may have alteration of color

Since liver damage is associates with the amount of bile in which it can be inadequate. In this reason, your stool will have alteration of color. Usually, if your stool is brown then it will turn into yellowish-gray color. But if this happen only occasionally don’t feel panic immediately.

On the other cases, if this happens very often. Consult your doctor immediately.

8. Your urine will change its color too

Commonly due of dehydration you will have dark brown urine. It may also an indicator that having dark brown urine will lead to liver malfunctioning because of the excess and presence of bile in urine. Having this issue of changes color of urine can be cause by other factors such as side effects of medicines, kidney illness, urinary tract infection etc. It can be more severe if there is associated with pain.

9. Your digestion is getting worse

Often times, you may experience such illness like diarrhea and dyspepsia which indicates there is problem in your body. This condition will also occur if your liver starting to damage. In some cases, due to improperly of bile production when it comes in digestion, many causes need to consider such as fatty foods intolerance, constipation, abdominal bloating, gallstones and other form of bowel syndromes.

10. Your appetite will decrease

Bile has an important role in digestive system, in which the absorption of fat soluble substances like Vitamins A,D,E and K. If the bile disrupted together with liver damage, you might loss your appetite.

Your body gets weak and not responding properly in accordance of eating habits. In result, your weight also will affected.

11. You might feel weak and tired every time

If something problem in your body, it will manifest to your ability to do your daily routine. Indeed, if your liver starts to damage in which mainly function to remove the toxins in our body. There will be a lot of symptoms that may affect your body which may lead to feel tired and weak even you get enough rest.

12. You will experience stomach disorder

Knowing the liver has the ability to remove toxins in our body, then if it is disrupted it will cause your stomach disrupted too. It is actually early sign of liver damage, that you may feel always nauseous. It can lead also with changes of metabolism and digestion.

Important Reminder:

If there is any symptoms you experience, especially most of the time and it gets more sever in pain. Don’t think twice to consult your doctor immediately to prevent whatever it needs to be cure.
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