12 Major Signs Your Body May Not Be Eating Enough Food Without Knowing It

There will be a lot of reasons why some people struggling of under eating simply means not enough eating properly.

If there is a case of overweight might probably just because of over eating. On the other hand, under eating is commonly for some people who are busy so they don’t have time to eat, also including stress, obviously for others who want to lose weight and for someone who have illnesses.

Let’s say for some people might think under eating is better compare to over eating especially for those who wants to look thin. This is absolutely not true! You may not feel any consequences immediately but definitely your body sooner or later will suffer to any severe conditions.

Before knowing the 12 signs of under eating, know first what can cause of under eating.

Under eating and It’s Causes

Explore and find out why you’re not eating as much as you should.

According to Jessica Spendlove, a performance dietitian that eating lesser than a person should eat can be caused by a couple of reasons.”

These include putting restrictions on the number of calories consumed or exercising in excess all the time but not meeting your body’s increased energy requirements by upping your calorie intake.

Failing to meet your body’s energy requirements can be a deliberate attempt as well. For example, when you try to lose weight, you consciously reduce your calorie intake. It can be unconsciously as well though. Take for instance when you increase your exercise sessions but forget to match your energy requirements to the demanding workouts, resulting in undereating”.

Apart from these reasons, Spendlove added that a low-calorie diet, even though rich in nutrients can still cause you to eat less.

By now, you have already an idea what are the reasons of resulting under eating or not eating enough. It is important that you need to know the signs of it. Also to help you realize whether your body is getting the amount of food it should. Listed below are 12 signs as mentioned by nutritionist, Steph Lowe, founder of The Natural Nutritionist:

12 Signs Of Under eating

You occasionally feel dizzy and weak.
Your menstruation cycle doesn’t function normally and you even miss periods.
Despite trying for some time, you are unable to get pregnant.
You feel thirsty all the time.
You feel cold all the time, even when temperatures are high.
You experience noticeable hair loss and your nails are brittle.
Your complexion is pale and lacks colour.
You always feel exhausted. Your energy levels are low and you just don’t feel like doing anything.
You feel constipated on a regular basis.
You also experience constant hunger, always craving to eat something.
Mood swings are common and you often find yourself getting irritated easily.
Your concentration levels are poor and you find yourself unable to focus on anything for too long.

Of course, weight loss is also an obvious sign that you’re not eating enough, but that comes with a lot of caveats, which is why it is not part of the 12 vital signs listed above.

Furthermore, Lowe stresses that the human body is very smart and is capable of giving off signals when it’s getting the amount of food it needs to stay healthy as compared to when it’s famished.

An example stating that when the body is nourished with the help of real food, you’ll instantly feel energetic; you will be able to concentrate on the tasks at hand and will not experience any sort of food cravings as you’ll be completely satisfied this is how she explains her point.

Nevertheless, on the other side of that boundary, Lowe states, you will frequently experience heartburn, fatigue, major cravings, and also suffer from weight fluctuations. All of which, obviously, point out that you’re not getting sufficient food.

What Needs To Do By Fixing This Case?

Lowe appeals, that the first and foremost thing you should do if you experience signs of undereating is fix up an appointment with your doctor. Consulting a dietitian or nutritionist (with the help of a simple blood test) can help you figure out whether your undereating is a result of an underlying deficiency.

Also she added you should focus on improving your diet and even taking health supplements to get nutrients you don’t normally get from the food you eat.

According to both Spendlove and Lowe agree that you should try increasing your energy intake to deal with undereating, which means having foods rich in healthy fats. You could munch on snacks that are both nutritious and energy-rich to stay healthy. Such snacks include smoothies full of nuts, a small bowl of raw nuts, rice cakes, or Greek yogurt with fruit or granola.

Keep in mind a proper food, proper way on how to consume and proper timing that needs our body to live longer.
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