3 Easy Ways On How To Get Faster The Speed Of Internet Connection

Did You Know?

When the technology released in the market there were many problems because consumers were not sure if the products from companies would work together.

The Wi-Fi Alliance began as a community to solve this and to address the needs of the end user and allow the technology to mature.

The Alliance created the branding Wi-Fi CERTIFIED to show to the consumers that products are interoperable with other products displaying the same branding. (Wi-fi alliance, 2000).

Routers and Wi-Fi access points are used most in homes to provide Internet access and networking to all devices that are connected wirelessly or by cables into them.

Devices can also be connected in ad-hoc mode for client-to-client connections without using a router.

Unfortunately, when the Wi-Fi connection is slow everyone and everything are affected from pleasure to work or business. In this article, we are going to share regarding the simple tricks that you can use to boost your internet connection.

Boost your Internet connection With These Simple Tricks

All you have to do is follow these instructions and learn these simple tips will boost the speed of your Internet connection by three times:

1. Best way to start, is put away your router from metal objects, refrigerators or microwaves, as these objects can slow down and weaken the signal. Afterward, place the router or modem near your computer or mobile phone.

2. Make sure that the router or modem is in a higher position with two to three meters high, when placing the router or modem next to the computer or laptop.

3. Did you know that according to experts, the Wi-Fi network is much slower in a place with a lot of water, and we know that the human body consists of 60% water, which means that the presence of many people between you and the router may interfere with the signal you receive? Do not put the router or modem in a room where there are many people. As you are always exposed with this device and other factors cause by environment like dust. That is why you need to make sure the router or modem is clean and does not contain too much dust, as dust can sometimes be the reason for the slow connection. Clean this device at least twice a week as recommended.

In addition, make sure that the micro-filters on the device are new because the old ones could cause problems. This means that you have to replace the micro-filters every six months.

Other simple tips that can have a big impact on the speed of your connection that follows:

By checking your modem, router or 3G key

For wireless router user, in order to provide wireless Internet at your home, check to see if others are using your Internet connection without your knowledge. Make sure you change your WiFi password frequently.

For those using 3G key make sure that you are using the latest version of your key that can take advantage of the speed your operator offers.

By increasing the browser cache

Regarding the web pages you visit, the cache of a web browser is simply a designated location on your computer where the browser temporarily stores information. Like images and other data, and when

you revisit the same web page, this saved data helps to load the page more rapidly. Increasing the browser cache as a result causes fast loading of web pages.

By loading your Google mail into the basic HTML version

Are you using Google's email service such Gmail? As recommended you can use the basic HTML version of Gmail to speed up the loading of emails and data. When you try to open Gmail, and your Internet speed is slow, the web page displays an option at the bottom of the page asking you to load the page as a basic HTML version, just click on it to load Gmail faster.

Hope you find this article useful and can help whenever you encounter troubleshoot regarding Wifi connection. You can also share this to others.
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