Avoid Consuming Too Much Of This Drink To Protect Your Kidney From Chronic Disease

Alarming: 30 million American adults have Chronic Kidney Disease and millions of others are at increased risk.

As we all know, kidney has a vital role in our body and its main purpose is to filter the waste of our body.

Unfortunately, in this modern and fast changing lifestyle, sometime we certain abuse our kidney. If abuse, there is a possibility it will suffer from chronic kidney disease.

What is chronic kidney disease (CKD)?

Chronic kidney disease includes conditions that damage your kidneys and decrease their ability to keep you healthy by doing the jobs listed.

If kidney disease gets worse, wastes can build to high levels in your blood and make you feel sick. You may develop complications like high blood pressure, anemia (low blood count), weak bones, poor nutritional health and nerve damage.

Also, kidney disease increases your risk of having heart and blood vessel disease. These problems may happen slowly over a long period of time.

Chronic kidney disease may be caused by diabetes, high blood pressure and other disorders. Early detection and treatment can often keep chronic kidney disease from getting worse.

When kidney disease progresses, it may eventually lead to kidney failure, which requires dialysis or a kidney transplant to maintain life.

What needs to avoid in order to protect your kidney?

Certain beverages may affect kidney health, but study results have been inconsistent. To provide more clarity, Casey Rebholz Ph.D., MS, MNSP, MPH (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health) and her colleagues prospectively studied 3003 African-American men and women with normal kidney function who were enrolled in the Jackson Heart Study.

"There is a lack of comprehensive information on the health implications of the wide range of beverage options that are available in the food supply," said Dr. Rebholz. "In particular, there is limited information on which types of beverages and patterns of beverages are associated with kidney disease risk in particular."

For their study, the investigators assessed beverage intake through a food frequency questionnaire administered at the start of the study in 2000-04, and they followed participants until 2009-13.

Among the 3003 participants, 185 (6%) developed CKD over a median follow-up of 8 years. After adjustment for confounding factors, consuming a beverage pattern consisting of soda, sweetened and fruit drinks was associated with a higher risk of developing CKD. Participants in the top tertile for consumption of this beverage pattern were 61% more likely to develop CKD than those in the bottom tertile.

The researchers were surprised to see that water was a component of this beverage pattern that was linked with a higher risk of CKD. They noted that study participants may have reported their consumption of a wide variety of types of water, including flavored and sweetened water. Unfortunately, the investigators did not collect information about specific brands or types of bottled water in the Jackson Heart Study.

Moreover, there are also findings that show beer and tea are associated with kidney disease. Yet scientists didn’t explain further why it is a risk to the kidneys, it is said to be harmful when it is consumed excessively.

Early detection can help prevent the progression of kidney disease to kidney failure. It is imperative to be precise with your lifestyle and habits, as well as taking medications. Be healthy always.

Source: UrDailyJournal

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