Sleeping With Wet Hair: 7 Possible 7 Diseases That You Can Get

After tiring and busy day some people wants to feel relax by taking shower before sleeping or others don’t have enough time only their time to take shower is before sleeping.

Considering that it will give you relaxing mode and surely you will fall asleep while your hair is wet. Sleeping with wet hair can actually cause some diseases that you are not aware of.  Keep reading to find out!

Did you know that wet hair is breakable and elusive and entails special consideration? One of the things you need to avoid is washing your hair before falling asleep, if you want to take care of your hair.

Check out below the diseases you may get if you fall asleep with wet hair.

1. Brittle hair

As mentioned above when the hair is wet, they are more possible to break. Undeniably, wet hair is very fragile because the cuticles are open, which weakens the resistance of the hair.

You unintentionally create friction between the hair and your pillow, when you sleep with wet hair. This friction causes breakage of the hair fiber.

As a result, when you comb the next day, you will notice the fall of a bulky number of hair.

2. Sticky hair

Perhaps, no one wants to feel their hair is sticky. But when you sleep with wet hair will cause sticky hair. If you have long hair, you will notice that these will be tangled when you wake up.

Dry hair has a lot more volume because the hair traps air. However, when the hair is wet, the water tries to reduce its interface with the air.

This is the reason the hair sticks against each other. It will be tough for you to untangle them and they can easily break as well.

3. Appearance of dandruff

The appearance of dandruff or having very greasy hair can occur if you have wet hair while sleeping. This can be happen when the scalp is wet for long hours; it disturbs the function of the sebaceous glands.

Accordingly, these glands will begin to produce more sebum or reduce its production. Besides it can interrupt the natural pH balance of the scalp.

4. Headache

Did you know that wet hair keeps moisture throughout the night? As the body temperature increases when we sleep, this can cause headaches.

5. Itchy skin

Wet hair can trigger different types of itching particularly when sleeping. This transpires because of the moisture in the leather. This moisture can cause the multiplying of germs and bacteria. In which that can be blamable for inflammation of the scalp and cause intolerable itching.

6. Skin infections

Skin infections in the head or face may occur such as ringworm (caused by a microscopic fungus that attacks the hair), psoriasis (an inflammatory disease characterized by red and scaly lesions) or folliculitis (appearance of red patches consisting of small pustules that evolve to form a crust behind the top of the skull). You might experience these diseases if you have wet hair at bedtime because the moisture from the hair will be put on the pillow and the towel that wraps your hair. Buildup of moisture becomes the ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

7. Muscle pain

Having muscle pain or severe cramps can be experience because of change in temperature between the head and the body. It can cause facial paralysis as well.

Hair care is not only by using shampoo or any treatment that fits for you. It is actually includes your habit that makes your hair healthier. On the other hand, it is recommended to wash them during the day so that they have time to dry before bedtime. Or make sure to dry your hair immediately before falling asleep if it is necessary to wash your hair before bed time.

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