Step by Step Guide Kung Paano Makakuha ng SSS Maternity Benefits Para sa Lahat ng Buntis

Getting pregnant in the Philippines is not so simple, apart from the physical and emotional changes that a girl has to deal with; she is also anticipated to take advantage of her government benefits that will amazingly help the pregnancy financially.

Here are the things you have to know in order to maximize your Maternity Benefit below the Social Security System (SSS):

Who are qualified?

Based to SSS website, any women employees, nonetheless if she is married or not, nonetheless of employment status is qualified to the maternity benefit.

Women employees who also gave birth and had an ectopic pregnancy or even miscarriage can also profit this benefit provided that she passed the following requirements:

She has reimburse at least 3 months contribution within the 12-month period before the semester of her childbirth or miscarriage (for instance, the pregnancy due date is December of the present year, she is qualified to profit the benefit if she has reimburse the contribution of at least 3 months or between July of the similar year and June of the next year.

She has given her employer or the SSS a notice or evidence of her pregnancy.

Concurrently, here is the step-by-step pattern on how to apply for SSS maternity benefit:

Inform SSS about your pregnancy

- Download and fill out SSS Maternity Notification or download it through SSS website HERE.

- Present the form with evidence of your pregnancy which could be your pregnancy test stick, ultrasound record, or a medical certificate from your OB-Gyne.

- Present a photocopy of your Unified Multi-Purpose ID Card or UMID and SSS biometrics ID together with 2 other valid IDs with your signature, picture, and birth date.

- Once you submit it to SSS, you have to assure that you secure a copy of the from duly stamped and received through SSS as you will require it in applying for the payment of the maternity benefit.

What to do after giving birth?

Get ready for your SSS Maternity Notification form stamped and received through SSS.

Fixed and fill out SSS Maternity Benefit Reimbursement Form or download it through the SSS website.

Prepare an evidence of live birth. For normal deliveries, send a certified true copy of the registered birth which you’ll get from the local civil registrar or from National Statistics Office or NSO, but the end will take 2 to 4 months to get. Meanwhile, for C-Section, apart from the certified real copy of the birth certificates, SSS will require other documents that you delivered through C-Section and this may conclude operating room record, surgical memorandum, discharge summary report, medical clinic abstract, delivery report, or detailed invoice displaying C-Section delivery charges.

How much can you get from your SSS maternity benefit?

This is equal to 100% of your average everyday salary multiplied by 60 days for normal delivery and 78 days for C-Section delivery or miscarriage.

“Within the 12-month period that is aid above, add your top 6 highest contributions to attain your total monthly salary credit.

Divide your total monthly salary credit by 180 days to attain your average salary credit or your everyday maternity allowance.

Then multiply your everyday maternity allowance by 60 or 78 days to attain your total quantity.”

Under the law, the employer should pay for in submit for the employer’s maternity benefit within 30 days from applying the maternity leave, and then the company shall pay it to the SSS.
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