The Amazing Health Benefits Of Kerson (Aratiles) Fruit

Wondering what is kerson fruit? Kerson fruits is also known as kerson cherry or muntingia (aratilis, areteles) a small round shape like cherry, colors red, orange, green, yellow depending on how ripe it is.

This tree can be easily found as it grows to any kind of soil, kerson tree can be found to countries like Philippines, Caribbean and Jamaica, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, China, Cuba, Mexico and tropical places.

The kerson fruit has a tart cherry like flavor; it rich in vitamin C has high level of phosphorus, iron, calcium and protein.

Kerson fruit acts as a pain reliever:

Based on many studies kerson fruit has antinociceptive agents that helps reduce pain.

While studies show that the fruit itself is a pain reliever, the tea actually blocks pain receptors.

The nerve cells (neurons) all over our body they are the ones responsible on receiving pain stimuli they send messages to your spinal cord and brain and you feel pain.

The tea made from kerson blocks those messages from being sent, similar to the way in which an opiate does, but without having any side effects to the body. Same like eating the fruit, the tea is great for blocking headaches, gout pain, and other arthritic joint pain.

Other Benefits Of Kerson Fruit:

Antioxidants – the fruit has a lot of benefits but the leaves as well. Because of the antioxidants content which can prevent inflammation, the leaves of kerson is also great to help in preventing heart attacks.

Vitamins and minerals
 – as we knew about the abundant content of fiber on the kerson fruit; it also contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals like calcium and phosphorus that helps in bone strengthening.

Kerson fruit has also the ability to boost ones mood, fights anemia because of its carbs, protein and vitamin B content.

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