13 Mind Blowing Tricks of Conditioner That Can Surprise You

As we all know conditioner is a conditioning or moisturizing agent generally made up of ingredients such as silicones, oils, and emollients, as well as cationic surfactants (the scientific term for soaps or detergents, which help to wash away the oily elements).

When combined, these ingredients replenish hair's moisture after some of it is stripped from shampooing.

Did you know that a conditioner is not only for hair care? It can be used with other life hacks that will surely surprise you!

Here are the 13 mind blowing tricks of conditioner which are listed below:

1. It Can Polish Stainless Steel

Are your stainless steel appliances looking dull and old? Make them as a new one by adding a drop of conditioner to your washcloth and rub.

2. You Can Add It To Your Bath

If you spend time in your bath tub it can dry your skin, but if add conditioner on it eventually your skin will maintain its natural moisture. You can enjoy longer time of relaxing in your bath tub.

3. It Can Clean Your Drains And Pipes

No need to call some worker to do the unclogging drains and pipes of your house. Just pour down a generous amount of conditioner through the drain, washing it down with hot water. And that is the practical trick that you could actually save money.

4. Prevent Rusting

Metals such as tools, faucets, iron grills have a tendency to get rust easily and shambles the look of your house. Simply clean those using a conditioner then you can prevent that rusty thing happening.

5. You Can Use it As Shaving Cream

Got an empty shaving cream and forgot to buy new one? Don’t worry, conditioner is on the rescue! Simply apply it on your legs before the razor hurts your skin. Also it will keep your skin smooth and prevent those horrible notches.

6. It Can Fix Squeaky Hinges

As an alternative to fix the squeaky hinges of your doors, windows, and cabinets you just need to put a coin-sized amount of conditioner will do the trick. Spread over it to the hinges, and they’ll become as quiet as a church mouse! Swear, you no longer need that foul-smelling WD-40 or any other chemical.

7. It Can Take The Bandage Off

It is really painful when you’re trying to remove the bandage especially when it is sticky. Well, pain no more if you apply conditioner on it. Just rub a generous amount of conditioner on the edges. You will feel no pain and the bandage will remove smoothly.

8. It Can Dry Clean Your Unmentionables

If you some delicate stuff that needs to clean, you can use conditioner as a cleaner! All you need to do is fill up your sink with water that’s at room temperature and add a tablespoon of conditioner to it. Let them soak in it for a while, then rinse and hang them to dry. This is simple yet best DIY dry cleaning technique.

9. It Can Get Stuck Rings Off

Had a stuck ring in your finger? Don’t mess up! Grab and rub a dollop of conditioner on the base and the top of your ring, you can get the tightest ring off. In order to get it off you just need to move the ring upward in circles.

10. It Can De-shrink Your Favorite Tee

Reasonable warning: Depending on the material used, but you can absolutely try it out. This may or may not work.

How to do this? Mix a tablespoon of conditioner in a bucket of warm water, and put your item of clothing in it, make sure it’s completely water-logged. At this time, try to stretch the item back to its original shape and size. Remember be gentle while you do so.

11. It Can Use As A Fabric Softener

Do you want to make your clothes fluffy and soft? Take your washcloth and dampen it evenly with your conditioner. Chuck this moistened cloth into the dryer with all your laundry.

12. It Can Also Use As A Fabric Freshener

Are you lazy to wash your favorite dress but you wanted to wear it right away? To avoid the smell it secretes after being worn and keeps your clothes as if it is wash. Make a DIY fabric conditioner using conditioner. It’s simple just add nine parts of water to one part of conditioner in a spray bottle. Then shake and it ready to use.

13. Soften Your Cuticles

Did you know that conditioners are also excellent as cuticle creams? Before you start your pedicure or manicure session just dab a little conditioner on your cuticles and rub it gently to soften them up .

See for yourself and must try! Don’t throw right away your conditioner bottle as it can be re-use with other purposes. Enjoy the lifesaving hacks using conditioner!

Source: Style Craze
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