Benefits and Advantages of The OFW E-Card: Requirements On How To Apply OFW E-CARD?

The life of "OFW" is not easy, they work to foreign country and sacrifice. They go and find a job there, so that they will be able to earn money to support the daily needs and give a better future to their family left here in the Philippines.

For parents who are not able to take good care of their own children because they are away and for children who cannot enjoy the company of their parents as they grow.

They adjust to almost everything like language, their way of living, culture, customs ,beliefs, foods etc.

Having relatives in abroad is such an opportunity because not everyone can go there, work there and live there.

Maybe because they don't have enough money to support the needs and requirements to go abroad. Everyone wanted to work abroad although it is too far and a foreign country, because they know that they can only earn big money if they will work outside the Philippines.

Therefore, as OFW are considered as “Bagong Bayani” in the Philippines. There’s good news waits to them, the Overseas Workers’ Welfare Administration (OWWA) introduce about the OFW e-Card! Keep reading to more about OFW e-Card and how to can get one.

Introducing OFW e-Card

This is a new identification card that serves as an OFW’s proof of membership in the OWWA and also works as an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC).

Interestingly, it intend to allow for smoother and faster transactions with different government agencies, saving an OFW the hassle of waiting and spending more while processing his requirements in the country.

What are the benefits of owning an OFW e-Card?

Provides easier access to OWWA programs and services.
Serves as a valid government-issued ID for OFWs.
Used to waive airport fees such as Travel Taxes and Terminal Fees.

What are the application requirements?

Active OWWA membership
Valid passport
Valid OEC or Exemption Number

How to get an OFW e-Card?

The OFW e-Card is free.
Fill out the OFW ID card application form on the OWWA website.
Select the OWWA Regional Welfare Office where you want to claim the card.

Are all OFWs entitled to the OFW e-Card?

Yes, but excluding newly-hired OFWs.

Note: The OWWA is still working on updates and the public shall be informed when the cards can be made available for all OFWs.
Source: Master Citizen
Benefits and Advantages of The OFW E-Card: Requirements On How To Apply OFW E-CARD? Benefits and Advantages of The OFW E-Card: Requirements On How To Apply OFW E-CARD? Reviewed by Health Blogger on July 11, 2019 Rating: 5
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