There Are Unique Behaviors By A Person Who Always Crying - Psychologist Says

According to Robert R. Provine, PhD, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County "Tears add valence and nuance to the perception of faces”.

Tears become a sort of social lubricant, he says, helping to ensure the smooth functioning of a community by helping people communicate.

Bearing this out, researchers at Tilburg University have demonstrated that at even very short exposure times, respondents report being more willing to provide support to people with visible tears than to those without tears.

Human beings shed emotional tears in response to sadness and grief, but also in response to a range of other, sometimes positive, emotions such as elation, laughter, love, frustration, pain, anger, and surprise.

Crying activates both the arousing sympathetic nervous system and the sedating parasympathetic nervous system. However, the latter is activated for a longer period, which no doubt explains why people tend to remember crying as a calming and cathartic experience.

Did you know that letting all of those tears come out of your eyes is essentially one of the healthiest things to do? It is actually a simple way on how to show strong point and flexibility of a human being.

But then again not every person can express that and can just cry their hearts out.

They may choose to just lock themselves on their rooms and prefer to be alone. For the reason that they don’t want others to see them weak so they chose not to cry and make-believe to be strong.

They don’t actually apprehend that crying can help ease their feelings. The truth, pretending that everything is okay and acting like you’re strong but you are not, in all means crying doesn’t make them weak.

Listed below are the good things that crying can be in a “positive way of act” behavior:

1. You will be able to control and handle stress.

If you are encountering such as anxiety, unhappiness, and grieving as well as deep and tough relationships, always keep in mind that you have to give yourself a relief from stress.

Always thinking about it for a long time can contribute to a severe psychological damage. So letting your tears to fall down from your eyes can provide a purifying tool that will help you to reduce the strong and deep thoughts because holding it in.

2. Indication that you are not afraid about and to show your feelings.

In this world that can cause us to feel something such as a great loss, stress, anger, hatred, sadness, some health problems just like high blood sugar, hormonal imbalance and even materialized things like sad songs and movie as a person, crying is predictable because of these reasons.

Don’t be afraid to express what you feel and letting those tears will fall because in that way there will be a lot of people will accept you and making yourself to be stronger in order to face any challenges in your life.

However, there are people who ignore their own feelings, he or she may resort to rebellion which includes alcoholism, illegal drugs intake, depression, anxiety, grief and other uncontrollable bad behaviors.

Eventually, the person who is fragile and is scared to face the challenges of life are those who usually want to escape their feelings and of other people and can leads to rejection.

It is important to give them more attention and also to make them feel that they are loved, they are strong enough and important.

3. You are simply ignoring other people of what they think about you.

Apparently, there are people choosing to hide their pains behind their smile. They are scared of people’s judgment so they incline to just pretend that they’re okay. No one knows but they’re already dying inside because of the pain they’re feeling.

Nevertheless, those people who allow their tears to fall out easily are the strong ones because they have control over their emotions. Besides, it is very unhealthy to hold your tears back and not to cry at all.

4. It makes you a better person and a better friend.

In life there will be an unexpected situation such as bad news, accident or challenges will give you a foundation to become a stronger person as well as building a stronger relationship with your family and friends.

This is the time that you can be a shoulder that someone can cry on or you can cry on someone’s shoulder when you are feeling down. All you have to do is to cry, release all the pain and open up yourself to somebody that can understand you and will also help you.

5. It helps you recover from bad feelings and emotions.

Have you ever experienced that after you cry, you don’t feel that sadness anymore? Well, it is because crying helps you to process and overcome your emotions.

So don’t hesitate to let the tears fall. It will help you to overcome your sadness. No matter what kind of anguish feeling you have, crying always make you feel better.

On the other hand, if you find yourself that experiencing always crying, carefully assess yourself. Eventually, crying which affects your everyday life may be a symptom of depression.

It is worth to consult your doctor if you frequently feel sad and hopeless, or you always got frustrated about little things. Be careful also if you feel unexplained pain and numbness, or when you always feel like doing nothing because you lack energy.

Lastly, but the most important thing to do is directly seek your family, or even a friend to talk to, when you start having thoughts of self-harm and suicide.

Don’t be hesitant to cry, it makes us all human. Indeed, crying is our body’s way of saying everything will be okay.
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