Women's Face Mole Reading: Location of Moles And Their Good And Bad Luck Meaning


As Forehead located on top portion of face it involves the family fondness and overall luck, so does the mole on forehead. Moles on forehead are highly promising like the black seven-star.

1. Dignity and wife of a high-ranking official.
2. Misfortune to husband and numerous marriages.
3. Bad luck to parents.
4. Stinginess in household management and do everything by herself.
5. Remarry.
6. Not good relation to relatives.
7. Misfortune to father and husband.
8. Marry far away from born place and die in a strange land.
9. Maltreatment to husband.
10. Inclined to have troubles during childbirth, such as dystocia and uterine disease, or die of illness.


Women with a mole in the area tend to have unstable love relationship and change boyfriend frequently.

Also, mole outside the area generally won't have the long-term relationship. Women who have a mole below the corner of the left eye are sentimental, usually get involved in a dispute of illicit love out of sympathy and deception and cannot extricate themselves from it.

The part between eyebrows and eyes is regarded as the Property Palace and a mole located here symbolizes the instability as an outcome.

11. Hard time to deal with husband which affects to have a normal family life and fated lonely.
12. Fortunate.
13. Frequently suffer from separations.
14. Godsend to husband.
15. End up to jail for violation of law. Prone to steal, adultery and things harmful to husband.
16. Quite appropriate for mulberry planting & silkworm feeding or textile industry.
17. Educates the descendants to become excellent.
18. Good luck to husband and bring integrity to husband.
19. Bad luck to husband and have no good effect to husband's career.
20. Durability.
21. Usually have a bad luck such as prone to accident with fire, should stay away from fire no matter at home or go out and inclined to have chronic diseases.
22. Habit of thieving.
23. Fortunate and blessed.
24. Coquettish and passionate.
25. Unlikely to give birth to boy.
26. Steadfast by bad luck.
27. Malicious.
28. Bad luck to son and rush about for children's issues for the whole life.
29. Get in a lot of troubles because of lust and favor. Get always hurt and crying because of husband.
30. Fond of unlawful sexual relations.


Women with such a mole are likely to have harassment and gynecological diseases. The mole on lip, no matter where it locates, is a symbol of tremendously good luck with the opposite sex.

31. Prejudiced and may commit suicide once take a matter to emotional.
32. Born to be envious.
33. Inclined to accident with water.
34. Concern about the feeble and sick children for the whole life. Prone to suffer from uterine diseases which is bad for health, marriage and wealth. Mostly likely to give birth twin.
35. Harsh and may kill her own son.
36. Make trouble.
37. Bad luck to husband.
38. Love and respect husband. Enjoy harmonious spouse affection. Having Romantic and virtuous wife.
39. Very clever.
40. Prone to accident with water.
41. Lifelong sufferings.
42. Indifferent parent-child relationship and lonely later years. Poor ability of managing family affairs and few land and house.
43. Not in good terms with servants and subordinates. More likely to develop somewhere else.
44. Admiration and superiority
45. Murder husband.
46. Frequently in Self-injury.

Source: YourChineseAstrology
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