Your Foot Shape Can Reveal Interesting About Your Personality and Future

Most of the people already familiar about palm readers, what about foot readers? Yes!

Those feet that are joining together wherever you go, having different and unique shape of foot has also say interesting about our personality.

Are you ready to know all each shape and their personality revelation? Why not check yours and find out what can reveal about you?

There are four basic types of feet that speciously define the way we are:

The Common Foot

Similarly well-known as the 'Roman Foot', this foot type stand for someone with a balanced and well-proportioned body shape, typical of someone who is outgoing and sociable.

They love to open themselves to new experiences and every time prepared to learn new things. Outwardly, this is a unique feature of travellers, people who love to discover new cultures in other words they are more adventurous.

The Flame Foot

This is also called as 'Fire Foot' or 'Greek Foot', the standout feature is a longer second toe than the rest of the toes - and this foot shape.

Seemingly indicates to someone who is active, sporty and creative, and is enthusiastic about new ideas and other people, who in turn can encourage and motivate those around them.

On the other hand, this foot owner can also be very impulsive, which can sometimes lead to excessive stress. They have the eagerness to learn but same time they take it too seriously as it can lead to spontaneous traits.

The Square Foot

Also be called 'Peasant Foot' (apologies to all you square toes out there!) this refers to a foot where the length of the toes, including the first or big toe, is almost the same, making a rectangular shape.

The revelation in which the owner of a foot like this be fond of to contemplate and persistently examine every decision, always weighing up the positive and negative - meaning that they're usually very practical and reliable, also you can indeed depend of those square-toed friends. They trustworthy and will never be a back fighter.

The Stretched Foot

This can be characterized as an elongated, tight shape, this foot features toes that are fused together and a big toe that tapers toward the top.

This foot actually fits to those people who are pretty private and have hidden depths of despair. Conversely, it means that you could be dealing with someone who often changes mood and can be quite impulsive. But be careful about their hidden depths.

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Source : Style Craze
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