1O Signs That Your Body Needs More Water To Drink Immediately

Many of us have been told to drink between 6-8 glasses of water a day for us to be hydrated all day long.

Actually, human body is primarily composed of water and that we need to consume a certain amount in order to survive.

Our muscles and kidneys are composed of 73 percent, water your blood is composed of 83 percent water; your lungs are 90 percent water and your brain is made up of 76 percent water.

Did you know that we lose water when we breathe and daily through urine and sweat so replenishment is crucial?

To inform you, males need to consume 3 liters (12 cups) per day and females need to consume 2.2 liters (9 cups) per day for optimal hydration.

It is known that failing to consume the recommended amount can lead to mild dehydration manifesting in multiple symptoms.

We listed below the 10 Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water:

1. Constipation

- Dehydration is one of the most common causes of constipation, and constipation can often be resolved by increasing water intake.

2. Hunger and Weight Gain

- The body is so intrinsically smart but has a glitch it does not know the difference between hunger and thirst. The hypothalamus, the part of the brain responsible for regulating hunger and thirst, often gets confused, causing hunger pangs in response to thirst.

3. Thirst and Dry Mouth

- Believe it or not, feeling thirsty for water is a sign that you are already slightly dehydrated. A dry mouth often occurs with thirst and signifies that the mucus membranes in the body need hydration.

4. Your skin is dry and wrinkles are more defined

- Most women rely on expensive moisturizers to keep their body soft and smooth. Some pay high prices for procedures to reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Prior to spending money, increase your water intake.

5. Weak Immune System

- Dehydration increases the concentration of toxins in the blood, which can weaken the immune system. Optimal hydration is essential in assisting in the elimination of any illness byproducts and helps the immune system ward off infection.

6. Your Urine Output is Reduced

- Most people urinate between 6-7 times within a 24-hour period. When you don’t drink enough water, there is less fluid available to replace the fluids being excreted from the body.

Note: The kidneys attempt to retain as much fluid as possible to prevent dehydration. If you urinate less than 6 times a day, consider your water intake and increase if necessary.

7. Headaches

- Pain receptors are triggered resulting in a headache. Simultaneously, when you don’t drink enough water, blood volume drops, reducing the amount of oxygen being carried to the brain. Blood vessels in the brain dilate in response leading to swelling and inflammation, intensifying the headache.

8. Fatigue

- According to a 2011 study, mild dehydration can cause fatigue, tiredness and low energy. When you’re dehydrated and the blood volume decrease, the heart has to work harder to push oxygen and nutrients through the body.

9. Joint Pain

- Water acts as a lubricant to the joints, allowing two bones to slide over each other as the joint moves. When the body doesn’t receive enough water, the joint becomes nutrient deficient leading to damage of the cartilage cells.

10. Your Urine is Dark Yellow

- This is often the first sign that you are not drinking enough water. Generally, urine should be a light yellow-amber colour.

Note: When a person does not consume enough water, the kidneys excrete a “higher concentration of waste products in the urine. It includes dead blood cells, toxins, proteins and other products that need to be removed from the body”, resulting in darker urine.

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