6 Common Hair Washing Mistakes You Don't Realize You're Damaging Your Hair

Maintaining of a beautiful and healthy hair is one of the stuffs which mostly the ladies concerned about.

“Crowning Glory” is often use as idiomatic expression which referring to hair. Of course, when you heard or read that expression it is describing for a beautiful hair.

For others, going to salon and have their hair treatment every time is their way to maintain healthy and beautiful hair.

Practically, why you need to spend money just to achieve that? All you need to do is effort to change your habits regarding of taking care of your hair.

Here are some examples of usual hair care mistakes as a part of daily habit that should avoid immediately:

1. Styling damp wet hair

Every girl wants a different hairstyle every day. Easiest way to do hairstyle is using hair straighteners and blow dry which can damage your hair especially if it is still damp wet.

Where in fact, you’re really burning your hair follicles to the point that they become easy to break.

2. Skipping applying conditioner

Even you’re in a hurry specially during morning shower. Do not forget to apply conditioner whenever you take a shower.

It is another usual hair care mistakes that some girls may not aware of. It is require to apply conditioner to your hair when you take a shower so that your hair will have its moisture especially if your hair is curly or one that is vulnerable to frizz.

3. Harsh drying with towel

After taking shower, we often use towel to dry our hair by scrubbing it forcefully. This act may effect to your hair because of the friction from towel and the way you scrub it.

In addition, styling products that we use frequently means that you should apply on towel-dry hair. This may cause you to strongly dry your hair in order to apply the styling products quickly.

4. Rinsing your hair frequently

Taking a bath is necessary as a part of personal hygiene. However, rinsing your hair every day is not suggested as it can remove your hair of its natural oils. Rinsing your hair too much can dry it up quickly which can leave it brittle and vulnerable to breakage. Alternatively, the days you do not shampoo your hair to keep remain appear fresh and clean, you can try to use dry shampoo in between.

5. Combing the ends of your hair only

Are you in hurry? But please! Don’t be harsh to your hair as you rush to comb it. Sometimes you are just combing your hair at the edge part but the truth is you should comb your hair from scalp to edge. The reason, in which scalp is one that produces natural oils which your hair requires in order to remain shiny and healthy.

6. Using excessive heat

If you always want a luke warm bath, do not expose your hair in too much hot temperature it can cause hair fall and damage your hair. Also, as mentioned above which heating tools such as curling iron, flat iron, and even hair dryer can remove our hair of its natural oils leaving them dry and vulnerable to breakage. If you do require styling your hair using these tools, it’s vital that you put a hair protective serum to remain the moisture locked in while you style your hair.
6 Common Hair Washing Mistakes You Don't Realize You're Damaging Your Hair 6 Common Hair Washing Mistakes You Don't Realize You're Damaging Your Hair Reviewed by Admiin Artikulo on November 20, 2019 Rating: 5
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