Every Finger Is Connected To An Internal Organ, Press Them For 5 Seconds To Cure The Pain

In the ancient times, people don’t have near hospitals to cure their illnesses. Either mild or severe diseases, they will prefer for natural medications such as herbal medicines and massaging or pressing some certain part of the body where the pain is trigger.

While in ancient Japanese, people use method called “Jean Shin Jyutsy” it is a form of alternative medicine.

This is done by applying pressure on specific points of the body. By balancing the spread of energy in your body they are using certain points on the hands and fingers. This keeps the physical and emotional health of a person in check.

Jean Shin Jyutsy has its theory that each finger of your body is connected to one organ. Each organ is related to a particular emotion.

Until then, the reflexology developed its principle that reflexes, or areas, in the feet and hands relate to the internal organs and other structures of the body.

By pressing each finger individually, your whole body can be rejuvenated. In order to activate a particular organ, press that finger with your other hand for 3-5 minutes.

Take a deep breath while doing and it will produce harmony in your body by massaging your whole hand. Doing these several times in a week will surely amaze by the result.

For a whole body exercise, practice with each finger individually, and hold about three minutes on each.

This simple guide will help you understand the effects on different body parts.

For Thumbs:

It is connected to stomach and spleen. Emotionally, it treats anxiety and depression. Physically, it relieves abdominal pain, skin problems, nervousness and headaches.

For forefinger:

It connects to the kidneys and bladder. It reduces fear, confusion and disappointment. They also relieve backache, toothache, digestive problems and muscle aches.

For middle finger:

It connects liver and gall bladder. It controls indecision, irritability and anger. It helps with blood circulation, eyesight, fatigue, menstrual pain, headache and migraine.

For ring finger:

It controls the lungs and colon. It takes care of negativity, sadness, grief and fear of rejection. Physically, it clears respiratory problems, skin and digestive problems and ringing in the ears.

For small finger

It controls the heart and small intestine. Lack of self-esteem, anxiety, nervousness and care are controlled by it. Physically, the heart, stomach, bones and throat are taken care of.

However, it is always a good idea to ask your doctor before practicing any alternative techniques. This type of techniques should never be used as a replacement for clinically proven treatments.

Eventually, this is a completely free process and won’t take much of your time, so you should definitely try it. If it provides good results then you will be able to improve your health instantly.
Every Finger Is Connected To An Internal Organ, Press Them For 5 Seconds To Cure The Pain Every Finger Is Connected To An Internal Organ, Press Them For 5 Seconds To Cure The Pain Reviewed by Health Blogger on November 03, 2019 Rating: 5
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