Top 4 Easy And Best Home Remedies to Lighten Dark Bikini Area

Everybody loves taking care of skin, being the largest organ of the human body and the first thing that people will look on us, it’s just right that we take extra care to remain our skin well, smooth and radiant.

But we are so demented with remaining our skin well that we likely to forget some areas of our body that usually hide, just like the vagina, in women’s instance.

Presently, there are numerous available solutions in the market, but most of it just makes the private parts skin appears worst instead of the promise to lighten it.

Here are some reasons why you have dark intimate area:

- Usage of hair removing creams

- Acromegaly disorder

- Wearing tight clothes

- Insufficient of vitamins

- Use of high chemical body wash

- Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

- Skin contaminants

- Excess melanin production

- Aging

- Obesity

- Hereditary

- Hormonal imbalance

- Hypothyroidism

If you are also experiencing this complications, then you might try this 4 simple home remedies to whiten your intimate part naturally.



3 tsp. of olive oil

2 glasses of rose water

1 tsp. of salt

1 tsp. of sugar

1 tsp. of talcum powder



- Mix all these ingredients together and set the fire on for about 5 minutes.

- Once finished, put the mixture on the vaginal area and gently rub it to remove the black spots.



½ cup of olive oil

Lemon juice

2 tbsp. of rose water


- Just mix all these ingredients together and utilize it while gently massaging the vaginal area.



a slice of potato


- Simply rub and massage it on the affected part gently.



Cucumber juice

Cotton pad


- Just immerse the cotton pad into cucumber juice and rub it into the affected part.
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