Top 7 Fashion Style Mistakes That Are Making You Look Bigger And Older

Well, studies show that first impressions take about 7 to 17 seconds to form and more than half of someone's opinion of you is determined by your looks.

Is it true that we need to 'dress to impress'?

So like it or not, your clothes will let your date get a glimpse of who you are before you even start in on any conversations.

Here are a few mistakes which are the reason we look much older and much fatter than we really are.

1. Wearing too much black

Though black is elegant in several occasions, it becomes unflattering when we get old.

Our skin tends to become whiter and wearing dark clothes and having black hair creates too much contrast that draws attention to the the wrinkles, dark circles etc.

Sweeten the black hair shade in some brown shade and you will get rid of at least 5 years. And if you are a fan of the little black dress, you should wear a colorful accessory.

2. You are hiding

We wear clothes to cover our nakedness, but we should not wear them to hide us underneath. Usually we buy the wrong size of clothes. If you insist on wearing classic jacket, don’t choose a size that would fit even your grandmother.

3. You choose the wrong glasses

The face is the first thing people notice. If you have to wear glasses, avoid buying the first pair of frames that comes your way. Not the price, which must be the first argument for choosing a frame, but the way you look while you wear glasses. You could study the fashion magazines and see some glasses models that fit your physiognomy. Don’t avoid bolder frames. Don’t hide your eyes!

4. Wearing too long skirts

As a rule, beware of the undefined sizes. Skirt up to mid-calf doesn’t even advantage the 20 years old mannequins, for that reason give it up. The mid-knee skirt suits you best louder than the clumsy one.

5. Shopping with the wrong person

There is nothing wrong with being trendy; just you need to adapt it to your age. You can choose some fashionable accessories among youth and incorporate them with the outfits you have.

6. Scarves

A scarf may be cool, but as a replacement for of wearing on the neck, you might connect your bag handles (in a contrasting color) or you can even turn it into a silk bracelet. Moreover, beware of the small brooches worn on the lapel.

7. Watch out stumpy shoes

Platforms are still popular; however, they are not necessarily a good choice for you if you have passed 30 years and 60 pounds. Choose some slim variant for your shoes.
Top 7 Fashion Style Mistakes That Are Making You Look Bigger And Older Top 7 Fashion Style Mistakes That Are Making You Look Bigger And Older Reviewed by Admiin Artikulo on December 02, 2019 Rating: 5
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